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Shark cartilage is rich in many medicinally active nutrients, including proteins that act as angiogenesis inhibitors, or inhibit the development of new blood vessels. It has also been used to treat psoriasis, arthritis and wounds. Shark cartilage is made by grinding up the hard, elastic substance that makes up the skeleton of sharks. It is dried and ground and sold as a supplement.

Shark Cartilage Health Benefits

Shark cartilage has found a way to benefit a number of health conditions. Some of them are:


Cancer cells grow and spread by developing new blood vessels that help deliver nutrients. Shark cartilage blocks this process.


Some people benefit from applying shark cartilage directly to the skin. Shark cartilage may improve symptoms in people with plaque psoriasis.


Shark cartilage can also help with eye conditions such as diabetic neuropathy and macular degeneration. These lead to the growth of new blood vessels in the eye and can lead to blindness.


When you have arthritis, you have inflammation. You have damaged cartilage and new blood vessels form. Shark cartilage is very useful for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. In advanced cases, inflammation and vascularization of the cartilage is observed in this case. Its anti-angiogenic properties help control this.

Strengthens The Immune System

Shark cartilage is rich in mucopolysaccharides. It is known to help improve immune function.

Bone Health

Shark cartilage is also rich in calcium and phosphorus, which help promote healthy bone mass. Thus, it helps prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, hip fractures and arthritis.


Shark cartilage has been shown to help control inflammation in conditions such as enteritis, arthritis and psoriasis. It also inhibits the formation of blood vessels due to cartilage damage in advanced osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Shark cartilage can be applied directly to the skin for arthritis and psoriasis.


A number of precautions need to be made here. Shark cartilage

  • should not be taken by pregnant women or children. Also those who’ve just undergone surgery or suffered from a heart attack.
  • may increase calcium levels hence those with elevated amounts should avoid.
  • may interact with some medications. Consult with your healthcare provider.

Pure shark cartilage is pure white in color. Its available from most food supplement stores.

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